Friday, February 3, 2017 - 12:03

GlobeMed, the leading healthcare benefits management Group in the Middle East and North Africa, was honored with the “Claims Management Services Provider of the Year” award at the annual MENA IR Insurance Awards gala dinner, held on the 31st of January at Ritz-Carlton DIFC, Dubai, and UAE.

The prestigious event, organized by the MENA Insurance Review and judged by a panel of industry experts, announced the winners recognizing GlobeMed as an exceptional claims management services provider, for demonstrating sustainable growth and sound business strategy, service innovation, team expertise, and robust systems.

Mr. Ziad Kharma, Vice President- Business Development, Actuarial and Data Sciences, received the award on behalf of GlobeMed Group. Expressing his pride for this distinction, he stated “We are always honored to receive recognition for the tremendous efforts our team at GlobeMed makes every day in delivering the best solutions to our clients. Although we won an award tonight, our greatest distinction is in being shortlisted in five diverse categories which demonstrates our versatility, expertise and drive to be the innovation leader in the industry.”

With a professional experience and know-how accumulated over 27 years, GlobeMed has embarked on a new strategic commitment during 2017 that will see the Group undergo an overall digital transformation over the coming three years with focus on delivering exceptional customer experience.

This is not the first time the MENA Insurance Review recognizes GlobeMed for service excellence as the Group has won the “Third Party Administrator” award at the same event in 2017. The Group’s list of achievements includes the “Medical administrator” award in 2014 and “TPA of the Year” in 2015 also in Dubai, a testament to the collective efforts that pushed GlobeMed Group to expand to 12 countries in the Middle East and Africa and to serve over 130 clients.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 10:35


GlobeMed Palestine has signed a provider’s contract with the Palestinian Dental Association represented by Dr. Ibrahim Ghannam, Dental Captain.  The agreement was signed on October 31st, 2013, in Ramallah, which will add 595 associate dentists to the GlobeMed medical network.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 15:08

During a press conference held on June 10, 2013 in Doha, the SCH announced that GlobeMed has been chosen, as part of the consortium, to serve the universal health program that will be gradually introduced to all nationals and residents of Qatar.


The best things in life evolve

Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 16:38

MedNet Liban sal has officially changed its name to GlobeMed Lebanon sal, unveiling its new identity during a press conference held on Thursday, September 27, at La Magnanerie.

H.E. Mr. Michel Pharaon, Chairman of Murex Holding, inaugurated the conference by welcoming the company’s key partners, clients, stakeholders and media representatives and thanking them for their presence. “We are happy to share with you today the start of a new era for our company,” he announced.

Roger Nasnas, Chairman of GlobeMed Lebanon, took the audience back to the creation of the company, when the founders had “a vision, 20 years ago, of a company managing the relationship between the different stakeholders of the healthcare sector” at a time when the country was suffering from serious health problems and a significant lack in health insurance services. “The company that we built together,” added Nasnas, “is the reflection of our commitment, a commitment based on three dimensions: the institutional, the social and the economical.”

Mounir Kharma, CEO of GlobeMed Lebanon, reviewed the expansion of the GlobeMed group throughout the Middle Eastern and African countries, namely in Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Nigeria, and he also stressed on the growing need to join all these affiliate operations under one unified name. “Today, GlobeMed offers international and cross border services to over 80 client insurers, and manages more than 2 million lives through a network that exceeds 500,000 healthcare providers worldwide,” he explained.

Finally, Walid Hallassou, General Manager of GlobeMed Lebanon, unveiled GlobeMed’s new logo and brand identity, highlighting the beliefs that inspired the change. “A new, dynamic and modern image of a visionary company with years of experience that represents GlobeMed’s values: care, innovation, expertise and transparency,” stated Hallassou.

With this new identity, GlobeMed Lebanon asserts its global status and belonging, while preserving its values and strive for excellence.